Rayne Legras - Licensed Real Estate Broker

Rayne Legras



I have some deep roots in this valley. My ancestors were some of the first explorers, settlers and farmers here in the Willamette Valley. Some of those eventually settled in British Columbia which is where I lived as a child. I am fascinated by my Oregon/Canada connection and I feel proud of my local heritage.

I certainly feel at home here as I have raised my 2 natural children and hosted 3 exchange students in Scio. I just recently relocated to Albany and am looking forward to becoming involved in this community. My son is currently enrolled in college here and deciding where to go next. My daughter just graduated Summa Cum Laude from Western Oregon University with a double degree. She has been living an adventurous life in NYC with her first job since graduation!

I am very conscious of my footprint on the earth and I encourage and support minimal waste with my consumption and product choices.

Supporting local businesses is vital and I put my money where my mouth is by buying directly from the small business owners in my county and my state.

Through Cadwell Realty Group we support a long list of local non-profits. I proudly serve on the Linn County Planning Commission where I have had the opportunity to learn about Oregon Land Use laws and how they apply to our local County and landowners. I find it has been especially helpful to understand these laws in rural real estate sales.

If I can be your guide or can help someone you know in search of a home or considering selling, please contact me.

Rayne or Shine, I am here to help you find or sell your home.