Rayne Legras - Licensed Real Estate Broker

Rayne Legras



Hello! Welcome to my bio page.  I hope to help you make an informed choice as your representative in an upcoming real estate transaction. Buying a home or selling one is such a big deal and I don’t take your decision for representation lightly. I am proud to be a part of the Cadwell Realty Group and I hope you will be too.

This is my business, my career, and after 10 years I realize it is my enjoyment. I am determined to professionally advise you, protect you, and reassure you while you navigate this major transition in your life.

I understand your need for transparency, honesty, and above all integrity. I want to embody those traits and always display professionalism & knowledge in all my interactions with you and others.

It is my belief that as your representative I am responsible for keeping the lines of communication open and effortless. Your confidentiality is very important to me as one of my fiduciary duties to you.

I have lived in my small community of Scio since 2001 with my husband and we have raised our 2 children now in college. I will admit, I am not quite ready for them to leave the nest.

I am invested in this community – especially through our local AFS USA Intercultural program. My family has hosted 3 international exchange students through AFS. Hosting these students has been deeply rewarding to us. I have felt that gaining family members and finding our similarities and differences is something everyone should try! My commitment to this program stems from the desire to bring cultural diversity to our rural community and open the minds and hearts of the exchange student as well as the local students and their families.

I support CASA of Linn County and CARDV of Linn-Benton Counties. Through Cadwell Realty Group we support a long list of local nonprofits.

I proudly serve on the Linn County Planning Commission where I have had the opportunity to learn about Oregon Land Use Laws and how they apply to our local County. I find it especially helpful to understand these laws in rural real estate sales.

If I can be your guide or can help someone you know in search of a home, please contact me. Rayne or Shine, I am here to help you find or sell your home!

Email me -- Rayne@CadwellRealtyGroup.com