Natalie Harrington - Licensed Real Estate Broker


Hello! My name is Natalie Harrington. I am a native Oregonian having lived in or near Linn County throughout most of my life. I graduated from Sweet Home High School with advanced mastery where I was very active in sports and extra-curricular activities. After graduating high school, I attained a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Health with an Exercise Science specialization from Eastern Oregon University.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science,  I realized a connection to and interest in the real estate field and attained licensure in 2016. The real estate field is a good fit! First, I have extensive knowledge of the Willamette Valley and housing markets associated with geographical areas within or near the Valley; I have lived in this area for over thirty years. Second, my husband and I have been extremely active in the real estate market. Our family, to include extended family, has purchased and renovated several homes - including our own home - of which I have been actively involved in the renovation process. The prior has afforded me valuable experience applicable to the real estate field. I am experienced at pouring over Multiple Listing Services, real estate agency’s websites, and any and all services that provide information with the sole purpose of gaining a full understanding of a piece of property’s value and ability to meet budgetary and familial goals. In addition to my experience with multiple listing services, I have spent countless hours identifying the pros and cons associated with real estate and have become very adept at locating information regarding a piece of property. Once assembled, the data is a rich source of material to make informed decisions specific to the sale and purchase of properties. Finally, through the purchase of our home, I gained extensive knowledge applicable to legal processes and necessary documentation associated with real estate purchases and have direct experience with attaining and legally documenting such things as easements and contingencies associated with the real estate purchasing process.

Along with our busy renovation schedule, I have been employed in a fast-paced customer service role for the past nine years. The prior experience has lent itself to developing and maintaining a solid customer base. My customer base was established in part by the reputable firm in which I was employed, but also through the quality of service I provide. With accuracy, speed and continued integrity associated with the products and services I provided I have continued to meet my customer’s needs over and over again. The prior experience has a profound influence on my future work as a real estate agent as it has cultivated and nurtured my core beliefs and those are to not only meet but exceed my client’s expectations by: 1) identifying the very specific needs of the individual’s I serve, and 2) through diligence, hard work and integrity, meet those needs.          

Of most importance is my family - I have been blessed with three amazing children and a wonderful husband. We are very active in our community, and I am highly involved in educational, planning, and service activities at my church. Additionally, I have been involved in coaching and supporting my children’s sporting teams and volunteering through our local 4H youth programs, which I am passionate about, and I have volunteered at our local humane society. Of course there are the never ending DIY projects around our small farm that round out our busy and fulfilling lives.