It’s a Great Time to Buy Oregon Real Estate!...

Why buy now?

  • Historically Low Interest Rates
  • Large Amount of Inventory
  • Motivated Sellers
  • Amazing Deals to be Found
  • Time to think about the future, invest in real estate.

Reasons to Buy a Home

  • Pride of Ownership.
  • Appreciation- Even though real estate has ups and downs, over time the real estate appreciates well and typically home prices double about every ten years
  • Mortgage Interest Deductions (see for more information and exclusions)
  • Capital Gain Exclusion, the money that you make when you sell is tax free is you live there as your primary residence for 3 of the last 5 years
  • Most of a person’s accumulative wealth in their life time comes from the equity in their house

Why you need a Realtor

  • As a buyer - hiring a REALTOR costs you NOTHING; the seller pays the buyer's agent commission
  • We sell all homes, we are a cooperative MLS. You don’t need to call the agent on the sign
  • You get access to all homes - and you are fully represented and protected, even if you buy from an unrepresented seller
  • The agent on the sign, or in the model for the seller, not YOU
  • Your REALTOR brings with them access to a broad team of professionals which can include home inspectors, title and escrow experts, as well as various contractors/inspectors

First Things First-What do I do to buy a home?

  • You need to get pre-approved. A lender will help you determine your comfort with monthly payments, how much you are approved to buy, etc.
  • Use someone local, get a referral from your agent or a friend or family member to a lender
  • Pre-approval letters are absolutely vital when shopping for a home and making an offer, especially in this market with stricter regulations on lending
  • Start searching for homes with us- the fun part! Identify wants vs. needs within your budget.
  • Identify homes you want to investigate further and make a decision
  • Make an offer. Your agent can help you decide on a price range to make the offer in. This will be based on comparable sale, active listings, etc.
  • Inspections- Always get an inspection. It is absolutely vital to know what you’re getting into when you’re purchasing a home. Think of it as a $300-400 insurance policy
  • Appraisal- the bank will order the appraisal to make sure that the property is in good lendable condition and that the purchase price and the bank’s valuation of the property are in line.
  • Signing vs. Closing. Oregon is not a table funding state, so when the buyer’s loan documents are issued and signed at the title company, the docs will go back to the lender for a final underwriting review. Once the final review is complete, the lender will fund the loan and it will get recorded at the county, only then does the buyer actually own the house
  • Keep in mind, this is a very brief overview of what to expect when buying a home. There are a lot of behind the scenes things that take place, so work with a great agent and lender and you will avoid a lot of stress!